Apfel Project


(Alright, first of all, thank you for being interested in reading this poorly written story, I hope that my drawing/animating and writing skills improve as I finish this experiment.)

(Okay, let me guide you around this crappy website I built in one day.)



(ANYWAYS! If you click that not-so-colorblind-accessible-colored hyperlink it will send you back to the index page! The page you just came from!)

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(Let's agree on that my writing skills are dreadful.
Sometimes I think "Huh, I should've have added a page in here and I didn't" so what I do is copy the HTML file (Yes, every page is a different HTML file, It's a disaster.) and add a B after it, or if I'm really that stupid even a C... or a D, E, F, G...)

(That's just so you can keep in mind that what the box does is just send you to whatever-you-wrote-in-the-box.html, maybe you thought you were reading page 14... WELL WRONG! IT WAS 13B ALL ALONG, AND PAGE 15 IS NOT PAGE 15, IT IS PAGE 14, AND, AND, AND, AN-)

(So, if you ever see that a page has anything higher than the letter "D" next to its number, please, kill me because I will have failed in my journey of becoming a better writer.)

(Anyways, if there is anyone that knows a better way to port this comic to a better built website let me know lol.)


(Do I really have to explain this one?)

("Commands" is just a fancier way to say "Next page" it keeps you immersed in the story and looks more dynamic (Also I stole it from Homestuck but I think that's pretty obvious.) It just sends you to the next page basically, sometimes you'll even be able to choose between more than one option.)

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